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Creative Direction / UX Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

For the end of 2010 we wanted to create an interesting project for the holidays as a present for the public and our clients, we wanted something to let them know about our culture and match this time of the year, after reviewing several ideas we decided to create a virtual old year's doll, a cultural practice in Colombia and other latin american countries. The idea is to create a doll with old clothes and accessories that represent what you want to forget about the last year and burn it during new years eve.

We provided a virtual experience that allow users to create and personalize his doll with pre-created assets, later they could add texts, images or links they want to burn but also others they want to keep, then they were able to share their dolls via Facebook.

On new years eve users can experience the catharsis burning all bad things and making sprout the good things.

We had a really tight deadline but we all worked hard to get it done, we are very proud and happy with the final result, thanks every one.

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
UX and Creative Direction
Front End Development Support





Video / Demos

Video demo for the burning process.


For this project almost all UX fixes were made directly over comps, keep changes and iterations were made to achieve the final version.

Landing page showing a random doll and best 3 of the community.

Doll customization interface.

My Doll detail ready to be burned.

Showing the interioir of the doll and a detail for photo to be kept.

Gallery of all the dolls created by the community.

Doll Burning.

Result of the burning process, things to keep and detail.

Some of the users were really involved and engaged.

Previous Comp Versions


Scketching & Concept Definition

Team Credits

Juan Diego Velasco (Visual Designer), Juan Fernando Rincon (Art Direction), Rodrigo Bernal (Motion Design), Alex Martínez (Motion Design), Yody Castro (Doll assets production lead), almost all creative team (assets production), Camilo Soto (Front End Lead), Renso Vargas (front End), David Niño (Front End), Rafel Buitrago (Front End), Javier Morales (Back End Lead), Carlos Beltran (Back End), Juan Camilo Sanchez (original concept and concept definition), Carlos Agudo (concept definition), Oscar Amaya (concept definition), Luis Alveart (Wireframes).