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Augmented Reality Training

Future of Health / Concept



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About the project

Augmented reality has had huge implications for the healthcare industry, but its more revolutionary applications have come about due to the widespread use of mobile technology. Augmented reality is especially useful in medical training. For instance, a healthcare provider can download a program or application to his or her phone, which presents a basic menu of medical procedures for the HCP to choose from.

When the healthcare provider selects one of the procedures the first screen will show where the tracking patterns must be located on the body of the patient. Once the patterns are applied, the training simulation will start.

The training program will display an animated simulation in 3D, showing exactly how, when, and where the different maneuvers must be executed. The user can change the point of view of the simulation by moving the mobile device, move forwards or backwards through the animation, as well as view additional notes during specific points of the procedure.

The healthcare provider can also use theapplication to record him or herself completing the training. Later, the user can compare his or her individual execution against the animated simulation and detect possible mistakes to be corrected, the layer the recorded training can be hidden or shown at any time to facilitate the comparison.

The concept were presented to the open call for the "Future of Health" by PSFK and Unicef.

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Jorge Echeverry (Concept Defintion), David Méndez (Concept Defintion)