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Scion.com Proposal

About the project

Due to our work executed inside Zemoga for pitches, client projects and internal initiatives, we had a lot of cool and promising ideas for applications, games, websites, and some offline-online integration projects, and with every new project and brainstorm session the management and control over our ideas become really difficult, so we decided to take the first step to be more efficient on this end.

We defined and developed a quick and basic system that allows the company to share and manage ideas and internal challenges, something similar to "Open Ideo" but much more basic, this is only our first step, and we hope the system will continue growing and maturing in the future.

The system allows us to manage challenges, related ideas, clients, industries and technologies, validate our users against their current Basecamp accounts, and allow them to rank their preferred ideas and search the entire system to find the most popular for any specific industry or technology and tag the ones that may present a new opportunity.

I worked as Creative and UX director for the project leading the team, and also executed wireframes.

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
Creative & UX Direction
Wireframe Production




We decided to go with a simple and clear interface, use big and clear typographic hierarchy, and bring the sense of the ideation process to the application through the use of different backgrounds with sketches extracted from our own brainstorms and concept definition sessions.

We also decided that the application will be coded in html5 and Css, and we will use Jquery or other frame work to include interaction behaviors, so our interface design also followed that technical decision.


Wireframes for all interfaces were produced in iterations while comps were designed.

Team Credits

Jorge Echeverry (Visual Interface Design), Rafael Buitrago (Concept Definition, Back End Coding & Front End Coding).