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Red 100 El Tiempo

Website / Project


Creative Direction / UX Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

Casa editorial el Tiempo, the biggest editorial group in Colombia, hired Zemoga to define, design, produce and maintaing a 6 months long digital program to celebrate the 100 years of the biggest Newspaper in the Country, "El Tiempo".

The project was a huge digital endeavor, we integrate the strategy with all printed, radio, television and internet properties of the group, and create the main site, games and a virtual album that allow users to collect virtual stikers with fragments of the 100 years history of the newspaper and world history.

A points system were implemented to reward the participation of the users, and define winners of the prices during each month and at the end of the program.

I worked as creative director for the hole project were we had to work with 3 different teams. Team number one were devoted to the main site design and production, we defined the hole user experience, information architecture, visual and motion design, and advertising placement and production. Team number two were devoted to the design and production of games that were part of the program and team number tree were on top of the vitual album design and production.

Main Responsibility

Creative & UX Direction




Interface Demo

Intro Animatic


Strucutre defined for advertising placement

An example of how to apply the branding of a sponsor to the hole page

Album Virtual

Visual intro for the virtual Album

Virtual album internal page


Previous Comps

Previous explorations of visual style


Scketching & Concept Definition

Team Credits

Andres Matiz (Visual Interface Design Lead), Juan Fernando Rincón (Art Direction), Yody Castro (Visual Interface Design), Fellipe Torres (Sitemap and Wireframes), Valeria Lombo (Interface Motion Design), Rodrigo Bernal (Interface Motion Design), Jason Munevar (Visual interface design), Felipe Niño (Games Concept Definition, Visual Interface Design, Character Design, Scenarios Design, Story Boarding), Rodrigo Bernal (Games Concept Definition, Story Boarding, Interface Motion Design), Daniel Becerra (Story Boarding), Juan Camilo Sanchez (Motion Design Lead).