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Creative Direction / UX Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

During June of 2009 we were selected by sears to help them defining a new tool for guided sales, the tool may help customers to identify the best product for them, even when they don't have any technical knowledge to make the final desicion.

The idea is to create a tool that works as an expert consultant that ask a set of specific natural questions and as a result offer the best recommendation possible based on the answers provided by the users.

During the process users will have the option to receive more information about why the question is important and to understand technical considerations that have direct relation with the questions and their responses.

At the end users will be presented with a list of the 3 best options for their characteristics, and they will be able to explore more information about each product or to explore more options available.

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
UX and Creative Direction




Option A

Option B

Option C

Video Demos

Video demos where created to test some ideas on how to show users the relation between distance and angle in which users view tv and the type of tv recommended.


We defined different options to present the experience to the users and created sets of wireframes to present this options.

Scketching & Concept Definition

Team Credits

Miguel Fernandez (Wireframes), Sabrina Parada ( Wireframes & Visual Proposals), Nelson Morales (Wireframes & Visual Proposals)