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Follow Me

Application / Concept


Concept Direction / Creative Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

Follow me is a simple and beautiful concept, that came up from the heads of two of our talented team members while defining some new concepts for a new web site for multiple sclerosis treatment (Sabrina Parada & Valentina Camacho).

Pharma's and health's biggest problem is compliance, how do we get patients to achieve treatment and medicine adherence? This kind of task requires a lot of support from the family and caregivers, but this support and continuity represent a lot of effort from all people involved.

Follow me starts as a simple way to maintain close relation with the patient, improving control and adherence, empowering and engaging the close circle to support them.

Follow me is based on another simple tool, micro-blogging, we decided to create a tool that allows close family, health care providers and doctors to follow the patient's progress, and their day to day life in a simple and non intrusive way, with a tool that can fit their current life style, is already accepted by them and don't require additional effort.

With this tool, patients will be able to record how are they feeling at any time during the day, it can remind them their medicine intakes and other treatment obligations that can be scheduled, and even perform some interactive tests that may take advantage of mobile technologies like the gyroscope and accelerometer, and record the results automatically.

Users may also use it to communicate amongst each other to timely react to an unexpected situation, correct or avoid any possible problem or just to get in touch.

One more benefit of the use of the tool will be to gather and integrate all users data to extract important consolidated information, that can be later consulted by the health care industry, like how different treatments and medications are working on different types of patients, for different ages, genders or even locations.

The concept were presented by DJ Edgerton CEO of Zemoga in South By Southwest interactive 2011. presentation.

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
Creative Direction



Video / Demos

For this particular project we decided to create a video that show how users may benefit from the concept, it is not a demo of the tool, it is a story.

For us was very important to show the different parts involved and how do they relate to each other, and as a result we ended up with a story that start with one character and progressively show connections with the other characters involved jumping between each ones point of view.


Video Visuals

We worked defining characters and environment style, bringing specific concepts as friendly, warm and familiar to the final piece.


For the development of the video we worked on a script and some rounds of storyboarding to define the flow of the story and how to present the information, during the storyboard process the use of icons and graphics were defined as an appropriate language to tell part of the story.


In wireframes we made a rapid exploration of web and mobile functionalities.

Scketching & Concept Definition

Team Credits

Sabrina Parada (original concept, concept definition, script & story board defitition), Valentina Camacho (original concept & concept definiton), Juan Camilo Sanchez (story boarding, character design, motion direction), Rodrigo Bernal (motion Design), Cesar Avellaneda (Motion Design), Luis Alveart (Flows), David Mendez (Flow, Wireframes), Jorge Echeverry (site landing page comp).