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Heart Surgery

iPad Application / Concept


Concept Direction / Creative Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

While working on Zemoga our team were selected to work on the first definition for a new iPad application, DJ Edgerton, CCO of Zemoga, had the initial idea to create a game application for iPad were users may practice some surgical procedures, the application will help users to understand how procedures will work.

I led the team that worked on the first round for the definition of the app, we defined a first set of possible functionalities and features, basic user flows, and worked on sketching, storyboards, wireframes, paper prototyping and visual interface, to start getting and idea of how this app may work and look.

One of the deliverables were a linear video demo of the paper prototype, this was a great and fast way to validate possible interaction with remote team members.

This project were showed in a presentation on SXSW by DJ Edgerton

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
Creative Direction
Wireframe Production



Video Demo

Some users flows were tested on paper prototypes, and a video demo were recorded and edited showing some basic user interactions.


Based on paper prototypes and sketches most representative screens were selected to explore visual style for interaction screen elements, internal organs and instrumental display.

Sketching & Paper Prototyping

Most representative moments on the user flow were identified, some sketching sessions were executed exploring interface options to present tools, interactive elements and panels, during paper prototyping specific sizes and proportions were taken into account.


Before our first meeting to decide basic steps during the surgery process and preliminar list of features, we worked on a storyboard to visualize the different the moments discussed and validated them with other memebers of the team and company.

Team Credits

Juan Diego Velazco (Visual Interface Design), Felipe Torres (Paper sketch & Paper Prototyping), Daniel Becerra (Story Boarding), DJ Edgerton (Original Idea).