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Migthy Kong

Ipad Game / Concept


Creative Direction / UX Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

The idea of the game is to control Kong with your fingers, climb though different structures, get the girl and protect her until you reach the top, where you must resist the constant attact of your enemies for a certain amount of time to win and pass to the next level.

We started by discusing possible scenarios and talking about the gaming experience, we create some story boards and paper prototypes in real size to get a real sense of dimensions and relation between the hand of the user and the game interface.

During this exercises we noticed that the a big concern is how to use our hands to control Kong and still get a good view of the game.

Unfortunatly we haven't worked any more on the project, but we enjoyed the hole process we followed.

Main Responsibility

Concept Definition
Creative Direction





Scketching & Concept Definition

Team Credits

Juan Diego Velasco (Visual Designer), Juan Fernando Rincon (Art Direction), Rodrigo Bernal (Motion Design), Alex Martínez (Motion Design), Yody Castro (Doll assets production lead), almost all creative team (assets production), Camilo Soto (Front End Lead), Renso Vargas (front End), David Niño (Front End), Rafel Buitrago (Front End), Javier Morales (Back End Lead), Carlos Beltran (Back End), Juan Camilo Sanchez (original concept and concept definition), Carlos Agudo (concept definition), Oscar Amaya (concept definition), Luis Alveart (Wireframes).