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Future of Health / Concept



Scion.com Proposal

About the project

Teach-shirts are designed to spread basic but important knowledge about healthy living virally through local communities. It encourages community members to make small changes in their everyday lives that could have a huge impact on their health and living conditions.

The concept rose from the idea of creating different sets of screen-printed t-shirts containing educational messages for distribution in remote areas, or areas that have been threatened by a natural disaster.

The printed information must be presented in a simple and visual way (infographics, diagrams, etc.) that can be universally understood regardless of age, language, and level of education.

The content of the shirts may include information such as how to boil water before drinking it, the importance of washing one's hands before eating or preparing meals, the basics of water management, and other basic hygiene practices.

In case of natural disasters, the donated clothing may be printed with specific messages depending on the crisis type, including safety procedures for different scenarios, dealing with aftershocks in case of earthquakes, tips for communicating in an emergency, how to transform the T-shirt into a variety of first aid accessories, how to perform CPR, and more.

The concept were presented to the open call for the "Future of Health" by PSFK and Unicef.

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Team Credits

Jorge Echeverry (Concept Defintion), David Méndez (Concept Defintion); Carlos Agudo (Visual Designer)