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Sears Electronic Circular

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Creative Direction

Scion.com Proposal

About the project

In June 2010 we had the opportunity to work and presented a proposal for an updated, relevant and interactive experience of the highly used printed promotion circulars.

Due to schedule restrictions we worked on some discussion and concept definition meetings, were we defined possible approaches to the problem, we worked on rapid sketches, and passed directly to comps execution, we continued working on refining some functional details, the proposal was not meant to define all functional details, but to show in an easy and fast way in wish directions our thoughts for the experience were going.

For the presentation we also defined a proposal for the user sharing and use of the app rewards.

We created just a few visuals that were considered highly important to support our proposal. We considered geo-localization and preferences customization to deliver highly relevant contents to the user, and we also worked on how to bring the current relation of customers with promotions and coupons to the new experience, we tried to create a natural approach and explored how the interaction might work on tactile screens and the use of gestures.

During this project I worked as creative director, working very close to the UX lead to create the concept and direct the final deliverables.

Main Responsibility

Creative Direction




Team Credits

Miguel Fernandez (UX Direction), Jorge Echeverry (Comps)